Le persone del caffè

Un album di fotografie

February 4, 2023 11:00 - 12:30


As part of its collaboration with illy, Eataly Art House and illycaffè’s University of Coffee present the tasting course “Coffee People. An Album of Photographs.”

As in a relay race, each person involved in the life of coffee is indispensable to ensure that the highest levels of quality are achieved. The course is a tribute to those whose daily efforts make it possible.

Who sows and harvests: coffee on the plantations;

Who works: the selection of the best beans;

Those who ship: the importance of transportation;

Those who blend and roast: the development of the flavor spectrum;

Who packs: the pressurization;

Who prepares: the transformation into beverage;

Those who consume: the tasting of coffee.

Having reached the cup, coffee is ready to be perceived with all the senses. The lecturer of the University of Coffee takes guests on a tasting exploration of the unique illy blend.

At the end of the experience, it will be possible to visit the current exhibitions in the Art House: “Voli-ni” by Ibrahim Mahama and “Staged” by Anton Corbijn.

The cost is €15.00 per person. Registration is required on the Eventbrite website


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