June 28, 2023 - July 12, 2023
In occasione del mese dedicato alle Bollicine di Eataly (12 giugno – 16 luglio), E.ART.H. presenta una serie di appuntamenti con degustazione dedicati al rapporto tra vini frizzanti e arte. Dallo champagne di Édouard Manet…

E.ART.H. meets Luca Bizzarri

June 26, 2023 19:00
On Monday, June 26, at 7 p.m., Eataly Art House hosts Luca Bizzarri (Genoa, 1971), actor, comedian, stand-up comedian and TV host. After making his debut as a theater actor with the Gilberto Govi dialect…

Carlo Petrini and Gaël Giroud, the ecological transition

May 25, 2023 19:00
On Thursday 25 May at 7 p.m., Eataly Art House will host the meeting between Carlo Petrini (Bra, Cuneo, Italy, 1949), founder of Slow Food, and Gaël Giroud (Paris, 1970), economist, mathematician and theologian with…


May 13, 2023 11:00 - June 10, 2023
On the occasion of the month dedicated to Pasta and Oil by Eataly (27 April – 11 June), E.ART.H. presents a series of tasting events dedicated to the relationship between pasta and oil and contemporary…


May 10, 2023 19:00 - June 29, 2023
The visit to the exhibition “Photo&Food – food in Magnum photographs from the 1940s to today” curated by Walter Guadagnini is an opportunity to explore the relationship between the photographers of Magnum Photos and food,…

Mauro Corona: the mountain as a school of life

May 5, 2023 19:00
On Friday 5 May, at 7 p.m., Oscar Farinetti, founder of Eataly and president of Eataly Art House, will talk to Mauro Corona (Baselga di Piné, Trento, 1950), an Italian writer, columnist, mountaineer and wood…

Paolo Ruffini and Gianluca Randazzo: from social to society

May 4, 2023 19:00
On Thursday 4 May at 7 p.m., Tuscan comedian Paolo Ruffini (Livorno, 1978) presents ‘Dai social al sociale’ (From social to social) together with Gianluca Randazzo (Milan, 1974), a sustainability expert. Author in 2015 of…

Simona Atzori and AbilityArt: when art generates inclusion

April 28, 2023 19:00
On Friday 28 April at 7 p.m., performer, dancer and painter Simona Atzori (Milan, 1974), the protagonist of the 2006 opening of the Paralympics in Turin, will perform together with the Verona-based AbilityArt association. Simona…


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