Talk: Ibrahim Mahama in dialogue with Eva Brioschi

VOLI-Ni: Failures and potentials

November 23, 2022 19:00

The new Eataly Art House Foundation – E.ART.H. takes up residence at the historic Specialized Refrigeration Station in Verona and inaugurates its first exhibition season with the exhibition of internationally renowned Ghanaian artist Ibrahim Mahama (Tamale, Ghana, 1987), who returns to Italy with “Voli-ni,” an unprecedented exhibition project designed specifically for the spaces of E.ART.H.

The exhibition presents a new series of works and includes a large installation that fully occupies the long corridor on the second floor, echoing the themes underlying Ibrahim Mahama’s artistic research.

Famous for large installations made with jute sacks with which he has covered the facades of public buildings in various parts of the world, Mahama has begun to turn his attention to other types of materials salvaged from the decommissioning of public and private industrial sites. The intent is to create a virtuous circle of recovery of objects that would otherwise be destined for landfills: the past, with its failures, defeats, and mistakes, becomes a warning for the future, but also a building ground for a conscious and visionary present.


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