E.ART.H. PRIZE 2023 Exhibition

Theme of biodiversity

February 18, 2023 - May 31, 2023

The eight finalists of the first edition of the E.ART.H. Prize responded to the call by submitting proposals that place active diversity at the centre of their research, looks that embrace differences as a resource, practices that highlight virtuous uniqueness:

Camilla Alberti (Milan, 1994)
Paolo Bufalini (Rome, 1994)
Lia Cecchin (Feltre, 1987)
Giovanni Chiamenti (Verona, 1992)
Martina Cioffi (Como, 1991)
Mattia Pajè (Melzo, 1991)
Natália Trejbalová (Košice, Slovakia, 1989)
Vaste Programme (Leonardo Magrelli, Rome, 1989, and Giulia Vigna, Latina, 1992)

Several interconnected thematic nuclei emerged from the analysis of the candidate works: the reflection on the concept of hybridisation and mutation offered by the fungal universe (Alberti, Trejbalová); the sensitivity with which the disastrous effects of global warming are grasped (Cioffi, Vaste Programme); the inattention to the impact of human activities on the planet (Cecchin); the identification with animal behaviour (Pajè, Chiamenti); the articulation of the model of relationship that places of culture establish with the natural and animal world (Bufalini).

The result is an articulated and multifaceted dialogue, which we are pleased to present to you in the spaces of the E.ART.H. Project Room, dedicated to explorations of emerging art.


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