Eataly Art House

Art as a new land. For everyone.

Eataly Art House (E.ART.H.) was created with the aim of making art accessible to the general public and celebrating inclusiveness, beauty, and sustainability.

E.ART.H.’s mission is to create new ways for the public to experience art and a new way of collecting. The founding vision of E.ART.H. is based on the idea that through art we can reach a broader and deeper understanding of our reality, looking at the works as a fertile ground through which investigate the present, by opening new glimpses into the future. We believe that the encounter with art should be accessible and aimed at the widest possible audience.

The project

Art House
An exhibition space of over a thousand square meters dedicated to temporary exhibitions of contemporary art and photography, with a programme of about six exhibitions a year. Its aim is to propose a high-quality cultural offer, highlighting the great protagonists of contemporary culture, with exhibitions by important curators on the Italian and international scene.

Art Market
In the heart of Eataly’s shopping areas, within a space which is open to everyone, long-term exhibitions are dedicated to the presentation and sale of works of art. Three corridors dedicated to contemporary art and photography, realised in collaboration with Italian and international art galleries, and to a selection of artists under 40 selected by E.ART.H. Thanks to the presence of cultural mediators, and to specific digital supports, it will be possible to learn more about the authors and the languages of the displayed works.
The aim is to bring art closer to a heterogeneous public and create new, more direct, and more accessible ways of collecting.

E.ART.H.’s commitment to communicating art to the general public also translates into the organisation of educational events: workshops, seminars, talks, and didactic activities.
The calendar of our Public Program explores the social and cultural issues addressed in the exhibitions and are realised in collaboration with the partners and supporters of E.ART.H. The aim is to involve local communities in making culture by combining moments of learning and entertainment.

The headquarters

E.ART.H. is located in the converted spaces of what was Europe’s largest cold storage facility in the 1930s. More than 10,000 square metres of refrigerated cells and a reinforced concrete dome are made accessible again after a long period of neglect, with the aim of giving new life to a place of great public interest. The restoration and adaptation of the spaces were carried out by architect Mario Botta following the vision of sustainability, responsibility, and sharing that distinguishes the projects of E.ART.H., Eataly, and Green Pea.

Who we are

Francesco Farinetti
Oscar Farinetti
Chiara Ventura


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