Premio E.ART.H.

Eataly Art House (E.ART.H) is committed to supporting and promoting emerging art with an annual prize which, in its first edition, is dedicated to the theme of biodiversity.

Dialogue, encounter, respect for Culture and Nature. Sustainability, responsibility, and sharing are principles that characterise the vision of E.ART.H, and which are applied to art.

The Prize is addressed to artists who conceive the promotion of active diversity at the heart of their research. With visions that embrace difference as a resource, and practices that highlight virtuous uniqueness, focusing on the biodiversity of the world around us and observing how different forms of life thrive around and with us.

The Prize aims to be a tool for promoting new ways of looking at the complexity of life on the planet.

The jury of the first edition of the E.ART.H. Prize is composed of the members of the E.ART.H Curatorial Committee, Giorgio Fasol of Collezione Agiverona, Barbara Tagliaferri of Fondazione Deloitte, and the artists Goldschmied & Chiari.

Coordination is entrusted to Matteo Mottin and Ramona Ponzini, founders of the art project Treti Galaxie.

The Prize is realised thanks to the support of Endes Srl.

How to participate

Applications are open to a single work produced in the last two years, with no limits on technique, by artists under 35 who have already graduated, are resident in Italy, are not represented by a gallery, and have at least one institutional exhibition to their credit.

from Tuesday 24 May 2022 to Sunday 9 October 2022

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