Carlo Petrini and Gaël Giroud, the ecological transition

May 25, 2023 19:00

On Thursday 25 May at 7 p.m., Eataly Art House will host the meeting between Carlo Petrini (Bra, Cuneo, Italy, 1949), founder of Slow Food, and Gaël Giroud (Paris, 1970), economist, mathematician and theologian with Jesuit training, authors of ‘The taste for change. The ecological transition as a way to happiness’, introduced by Mgr Domenico Pompili (Rome, 1963), Bishop of Verona.

Two intellectuals from very different backgrounds come together to imagine a new future of food management: on the one hand the inventor of the ecological transition formula that inspired Pope Francis’ ‘Laudato si’, on the other the founder of two international brands such as Slow Food and Terra Madre. A common appeal towards the adoption of a new vision, more conscious starting with how one chooses to eat and how one wants to behave within the economic-financial system.

Congress Centre | Free event, booking required on Eventbrite.


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