Paolo Ruffini and Gianluca Randazzo: from social to society

May 4, 2023 19:00

On Thursday 4 May at 7 p.m., Tuscan comedian Paolo Ruffini (Livorno, 1978) presents ‘Dai social al sociale’ (From social to social) together with Gianluca Randazzo (Milan, 1974), a sustainability expert.

Author in 2015 of the book ‘Odio Ergo Sum’, a semi-serious study of the ‘hater’ phenomenon, published by Mondadori Electa, Paolo Ruffini talks about that part of the public that through insults and explicit contempt is able to give shape to real distorted media phenomena and urban legends about public figures. From his point of view, the best way to downplay and defuse the negative potential and verbal violence of these annoying comments is to laugh about them. From bullying on social media, to building a greater awareness that also translates into a strong commitment to social issues.

Congress Centre | Free event, booking required on Eventbrite.


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